Saturday, 10 March 2012

Show Day

Flowers ready to be taken to the show

Last Tuesday was show day.  I love the excitement of the show.  My wife has been thinking about, and working on exhibits for the past couple of months.  I love when the Show Hall is opened and everyone can enter.   I love looking at all the exhibits.  Marvelling at the size some people manage to grow their vegetables.  I love the bright displays of flowers and the way they perfume the hall.  I love looking at the wonderful cakes, pies, preserves and cooking that people have been doing.  I always wish I had brought a spoon and no one else was about watching so I could sample a few of them.
Then there are the crafts ... the delicate needle work … stitching … making … sewing … knitting ... painting ... sculpting … the intricate weaving.  There are many talented people who have been at work all year to make up the displays. 
Then there is my favourite; the Children’s work.  I just wish I was as neat and had the ability of some of our young artists and crafters.  It must represent years of work when totalled.  All on display for us all to see; handed in, in the hope of being the best, of winning a prize. 
I would hate to have to be a Judge.   I would have to give everyone first prize.  Those who win can be proud of their awards, certificates, cups and trophies.  They have been the result of skill and work.  At the show, those who do the work … win the prize.
Many people think life itself is like the show.   They know that one day eventually we will all have to stand before God and He will judge our lives, as if God can weigh our worth on a balance.  They believe that if they have been good enough God will reward them.  Give then the prize of living with him in heaven.

But life is not like that.  Yes we will have to stand before God but it is not so much to be judged, but to see if Jesus is going to share his prize with us.  Jesus in going to the cross took out all the prizes life has.  He was given the keys to heaven.  He is first, second and third place getter, but because he loves us he is willing and wanting to share his prize, forgiveness and eternal life with everyone. 
So how do you know that on that final judgement day that Jesus will share his prize with you?
It is simple; have you let him into your life, have you taken an interest in Jesus and developed a relationship with him in this life?
Jesus said very clearly, “I am the way (to heaven), I am the truth (you can trust me absolutely) and I am the life (a full, blessed and eternal life)”.
Do not be deceived.  There are no other keys to heaven, there are no other prizes except the ones Jesus has for us.

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