Saturday, 24 March 2012


In a recent survey it was found 55 % of all Americans under the age of 40 believe in life after death.  When asked about their belief in God, only 45% of them believed in Him.  Many Americans believe in a life after death that does not include God.  I wonder what figures would result if King Islanders were surveyed?

I assume what young people are thinking about is reincarnation.  I fail to see the attraction of reincarnation.  Reincarnation is a popular belief in India.  It is that belief that has led too much of the suffering the poor endure there.  Reincarnation believes that we keep on living lives till our spirit achieves a state of enlightenment.  Each previous life determining the quality of our next life.  If I have lived a good life this time, I will return in a little better condition than in my previously.  If I muck things up this time round.  Then next time I will return in a lower state.  All life is karma; we live the lives we deserve.  No moral obligation for anyone to do anything to help make conditions better for the millions who suffer in extreme poverty.  The poor are living the lives they deserve.  To help would only interfere with karma.

Reincarnation is morally bankrupt.
The next problem is that the guidelines are vague.  How good do you have to be?   How many life times will it take before you even start on the road?  In a system where even cockroaches have the potential to attain Nirvana, it must be nearly impossible to reach the required state of enlightenment.

Reincarnation is not only morally bankrupt it vague on detail.
The third problem with reincarnation is there is not one jot of tangible evidence to support the belief.  Just vague stories of past life experiences.  Surely even if re- incarnation was true only one person could have been Marie Antoinette? 
Reincarnation is morally bankrupt, vague and it has no evidence to support the belief.
Just compare reincarnation to Christianity.  Christianity demands I help others, do what I can to see justice done and people are treated with dignity and compassion as Jesus did himself.  The Christian Church has always led the world in charitable works. 
God through the Bible has made it clear that people live only once.  Then we enter eternity, either to be with God in heaven or to be punished.  The relationship we have established with God in this one life is what determines where you will spend eternity.   If we get to know God in this life God, God will welcome you into heaven, reject God in this life and God will reject you in the next.
All this has real evidence.  Jesus lived, that is a fact.  He died, an historical fact. Executed on a cross, fact, recorded in numerous places.  But death did not hold Jesus.  He rose from the grave.  He conquered death and offers all who believe in him an eternal home in heaven.  That also is fact witnessed by over 500 people over a period of 40 days.
As I said earlier I don’t see why anyone would find reincarnation an attractive philosophy when Christianity has so much more to offer.

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