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England to Australia aboard the Orion 1947. (The first voyage after WW2).

My Mother passed away early Sunday morning 13th January, 2013.  I found a tiny diary that Mum kept that recorded her journey from England to Australia aboard the "Orion".  Her father although Australian went to England to further his study.  There he met and married my Grandmother.  At the time of rhe Second World War my Grandfather enlisted in the British army and was sent to India. He took the opportunity at the end of the war to be repatriated back toAustralia.  From there he sent for his family to follow him.  So my Grandmother, my mother and her brother Peter and little sister Wendy made the journey that is recorded in her diary.  Mum was eleven and I have retained her spelling and wording of her journey.

Mum and me.

                                                           1946                   DECEMBER 
                                                         (Saying Goodbye to England)
Monday, 30th December, 1946:  Went to see “Peter Pan” with mummy & Peter.  We all enjoyed it a lot.
Tuesday, 31st December, 1946:  Went to ‘Bartram Millo Circus” with mum, Peter.  I enjoyed it.  Saw the New Year at Auntie’s.

                                                     1946                 JANUARY

Wednesday, January 1, 1047:  Uncle Jack drove us home Mum & Wendy stayed till after dinner.  I did a bit of my homework.
Thursday, 2nd January, 1947:  Did a bit more of my homework.  Went to see “Robinson Crusoe” with gran, grandfather, mum, Peter & Wendy.  We all enjoyed it very much.
Friday, 3rd January, 1947: Had a letter from Diane.  Wrote my thank you letters.  In the after-noon went to pictures to see “Princess & the Pirate” & “Badman’s Territory.”  V. Good films.
Saturday, 4th January, 1947: Played at circuses in the front room.  Stayed up to play cards, “Express”, & “Hot Cakes”.
Sunday, 5th January, 1947:  Didn’t do anything very exciting except that I stayed up to listen to “Orley Farm”.  (Granny not very well.)
Monday, 6th January, 1947: Snowed today.  Went to London saw the Schoolboy’s Exhibit 7 “the Model Aircraft Exhibit”.  (Granny still not very well).
Tuesday, 7th January, 1947:  Went back to school.  Stayed up to here “Just William.”  (Granny greeting better).
Wednesday, 8th January, 1947:  Uncle Jack & Auntie Audrey & John came.  Nothing else very interesting.
Thursday, 9th January, 1947:  Snow all gone today Stopped up to listen to “Beau Geste.”  Nothing else exiting
Friday, 10th January, 1947:  After school Mummy met me at the Odeon Eltham and we saw “Blue Skies” & “Her Adventurous Night.” They were good films.
Saturday, 11th January, 1947:  Went to see “3 little girls in blue” & “Send for Paul Temple” with Mummy & Peter.  Good films.    
Sunday, 12th January, 1947:  Went for a walk with grandfather.  Had my hair washed.  Stayed up to listen to “Orley Farm”.
Monday, 13th January, 1947:  Went to school took Betty some books.  Most of the class away with ‘flu” (25 out of 43).  Went to bed early.
Tuesday, 14th January, 1947:  Went to school.  Some more of the class away.  Went to bed late.
Wednesday, 15th January, 1947:  Granny went to stay at Auntie Audrey’s.  Jack met me outside the school and took me to some Ice Hockey (USA v. ENGLAND) Went to bed 11.30.
Thursday, 16th January. 1947:  Went to school.  Blossom came today didn’t do anything else exciting today.  Granny came back.
Friday, 17th January, 1947:  Went to school. Blossom went home.  After tea went to the Pictures saw “A Matter of Life and Death” so little films.
Saturday, 18th January, 1947:  Went to the library.  Went for a walk with Grandfather and Peter to Greenwich Park.  Granny went to Auntie Audrey’s again.
Sunday, 19th January, 1947:  Granny came back.  Played in the sitting-room.  Stayed up to listen to “Orley Farm”.
Monday, 20th January, 1947:  Went to school.  Mummy bought me a new frock.  Nothing else exciting happened.
Tuesday, 21st January, 1947:  Didn’t do anything exciting.  Weather not very good.
Wednesday, 22nd January, 1947:  Took the Common Entrance Exam.  Nothing else exciting. 
Thursday, 23rd January, 1947:  Went to school.  Listened to “Beau Geste” & “Much Binding in the Marsh”.  It snowed.
Friday, 24th January, 1947:  Went to school.  Auntie Audrey, Uncle Jack & John came.  There is still snow on the ground.
Saturday, 25th January, 1947:  Went up the library.  Went to the pictures saw “Green Years”, and “Winged Wonders”.
Sunday, 26th January, 1947:  Went and played in the snow with Wendy.  Listened to “Orley Farm.
Monday, 27th January, 1947:  Went to London.  Mummy bought me a grey coat and red shoes.
Tuesday, 28th January, 1947:  Went to school.  Took Betty a book.  Still snow on the ground.
Wednesday, 29th January, 1947:  Went to school.  Still snow on the ground.  Auntie Audrey & John came.
Thursday, 30th January, 1947:  In the morning went to school.  John’s birthday party in the afternoon.  Peter and I stayed away from school.
Friday, 31st January, 1947:  Went to London.  Saw the King, Queen & Princesses go for S. Africa.  Saw “the Walt Disney Show”.  Bought Auntie Mary a scarf.

1947                                                   FEBRUARY
 Saturday, 1st February, 1947:  Went to the library.  Went to bed early.  (With Auntie Rose went to lib.)
Sunday, 2nd February, 1947:  Auntie Carrie came.  Listened to “Orley Farm”.                  
Monday 3rd February, 1947:  Went to school.  Took Betty some books.  Betty ill.
Tuesday 4th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Listened to “Children’s Hour”,  “Dick Barton” and “William”.
Wednesday, 5th February, 1947:  Went to school in the morning.  In the afternoon went to the pictures saw “Sister Kenny”.
Thursday, 6th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Betty still ill.  Still snow on the ground.  Listened to “Dick Barton”, ‘Much Binding” & “Beau Geste”.
Friday, 7th February, 1947:  Went to London to Blossom’s.  Nursed the kitten called Inky.  Anita’s friend Fritz came.  We bought Gran some Wattle.
Saturday, 8th February, 1947:  Went up to the library with mummy.  Bought a plastic belt for my grey frock.  Nothing else exciting.
Sundayn 9th February, 1947:  Played with my paper-dolls.  Auntie Audrey, Uncle Jack & Johnny came for dinner.  Listened to the new serial called “IN CHANCERY”.
Monday, 10th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Wrote invitations for my party.  Made up some rhymes and wrote them in my note-book.  Still snow.
Tuesday, 11th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Mummy went to London for her perm.  Brought puppet’s head home & did a bit.  Listened to “Dick Barton” & “William”.
Wednesday, 12th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Listened to “Dick Barton”.  Nothing else exciting.
Thursday, 13th February, 1947:  Went to school in the morning.  In the afternoon went to pictures saw, “Great Expectations”.  Listened to “Much Binding” & “Beau Geste”.
Friday, 14th February, 1947:  Went to school.  Listened to “Dick Barton”.  Brought my blouse home although not finished.
Saturday, 15th February, 1947:  Went to Betty’s party.  Had a nice tea, played a lot of games.  Came home with Iris Green.     

Sunday, 16th February, 1947:  Uncle Will & Auntie Min came.  Auntie Min gave me some Turkish Delight. 
Monday, 17th February, 1947:  Went to school for the last time.  Took Betty a book.  Had to stand in front of school because I was going.  Listened to King  on wireless.
Tuesday, 18th February, 1947:  We had pancakes.  I ate five.  Auntie Carrie came.  Cream Buns for tea.  Listened to “Children’s Hour” & “Dick Barton”.
Wednesday, 19th February, 1947:  Went to London to see Blossom.  Mummy bought Peter a new blazer.  I went with Blossom to Kensington Gard.
Thursday, 20th February, 1947:  Auntie Audrey, Uncle Jack & John came.  Mummy, Peter and I went with them to see “The Ice Review”.  Mum getting ready for my party.
Friday, 21st February, 1947:  Had my party everybody who was invited came.  I think they enjoyed it.  Took them home with Grandfather.
Saturday, 22nd February, 1947:  Went to Doreen’s to tea.  Played card games.  Learnt some card tricks.  Played Draughts and Long Hop.
Sunday, 23rd February, 1947:  Went to Auntie’s.  Had goose for dinner & a lovely tea.  Had our birthday presents early.  Mine from John a set to clean my shoes.  Auntie & Uncle a necklace & 10/-.
Monday, 24th February, 1947:  Auntie Carrie came, Auntie Audrey, Uncle Jack & Johnny came as well.  Didn’t do anything exciting.

                                                                        "Aboard The Orion" ...

Tuesday, 25th February, 1947:  Went in a taxi with Aunty Audrey to get on the ‘Orion”.  It is a big boat and very comfortable.
Wednesday, 26th February, 1947:   We were all sea-sick.  Now in “the Bay of Biscay”.  I went to dinner with mummy.
Thursday, 27th February, 1947 :  Feeling a bit better now.  Out of ‘the Bay” just before dinner.  Spent most of the day on the deck. Stayed up for dinner again.
Friday, 28th February, 1947:  Feeling much better now.  We are now near Gibraltar.  The swimming bath full but too deep for me.
                                                           1947                           MARCH
 Saturday, 1st March, 1947 :  In the Mediterranean now.  It is lovely and warm.  Mummy bought me a new blouse & swim suit.
Sunday, 2nd March 1947:  Went up on the Sun Deck and stayed there most of the time.  Watched the swimming.  Nothing exciting happening.
Monday, 3rd March, 1947:  Went in the swimming bath when it was lowered for the under 12s.  Getting fairly hot now.
Tuesday, 4th March, 1947:  Very hot now.  No land in sight.  Didn’t do anything exciting.
Wednesday, 5th March, 1947:  Called at Port Said.  Went ashore.  Mum & I had a pair of sun-glasses.  Peter& Mum had sandals each.  We all had a linen hat & had a bag from the boat.
Thursday, 6th March, 1947:  Fell over cut my leg badly.  Had a stitch in it.  Mummy didn’t know anything about it.  A man carried me to the Dr’s.
Friday, 7th March, 1947:  Stayed in bed reading all day.  Had a jelly for dinner.
Saturday, 8th March, 1947:  Went to the doctors to have a fresh bandage put on.  Sat on a deck-chair reading most of the time.
Sunday 9th March, 1947:  Called at Aden.  Didn’t go ashore because of my leg.  When we left the harbour we saw an air-craft-carrier.  Also before that a German Ship.
Monday, 10th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s again.  Had fresh bandage put on and 3 stitches taken out 2 or 3 left.  
Tuesday, 11th March, 1947:  Didn’t do anything exciting.  Weather is very hot.
Wednesday, 12th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s had a fresh bandage put on.  We have found our trunk now.  Went to Child’s Party.
Thusday, 13th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s had fresh bandage and a stitch taken out.  Wore my beach-suit for first time.
Friday, 14th March, 1947:  Called at Colombo.  Stayed there all day.  Went in a motor-coach to Kandy.  Bought coconut, pineapple, and bananas. 
Saturday, 15th March, 1947:  Went to Doctor.  Had fresh bandage on.  Went down in the engine room.
Sunday, 16th March, 1947:  Went to Doctor.  Had 2 stitches out.  Fresh bandage on.  Stayed on Deck reading.  At 6.30 am crossed the line.
Monday, 17th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s.  Had a fresh bandage.  Nothing exciting.
Tuesday, 18th March, 1947:  Went to Dr’s fresh bandage.  Saw a concert and baby show.
Wednesday, 19th March, 1947:  There were water-sports on Sun-Deck.  I didn’t see it.  Went to the film saw “The Rakes Progress”.
Thursday, 20th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s.  Stayed up to see a fancy dress parade and concert.
Friday, 21st March, 1947:  Had to go to a Medical Inspection.  Played with Peter’s cars.  Didn’t do anything exciting at all.
                                                       (Docked in Freemantle, Australia)
 Saturday, 22nd March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s.  Stopped at Freemantle.  Went in a taxi to Perth.  Bought sweets & fruit & a tray-cloth to sew.  Came back in train.
Sunday, 23rd March, 1947:  The Ship was rolling a lot.  They put rims round the table to stop things falling off.  Nothing exciting.
Monday, 24th March, 1947:  Went to the Doctor’s.  Weather fairly cold and quiet a swell in sea.  Nothing exciting.
Tuesday, 25th March, 1947:  Weather still cold.  Nothing happening.
Wednesday, 26th March, 1947:  Weather getting a weenie bit warmer.  Nothing exciting.
Thursday, 27th March, 1947:  We stopped at Melbourne.  Went to Doctor’s.  Went ashore & came back for tea.  Bought fruit, cakes & sweets.
Friday, 28th March, 1947:  Went on the beach at Melbourne.  Collected some shells.  Paddled at the very edge because of my leg.
Saturday, 29th March, 1947:  Went on the beach again (before & after lunch). Got a few more shells.  Paddled.  Ship sailed at 6pm.
Sunday, 30th March, 1947:  It rained and the sea was rough.  Mummy was sick.  We stayed on deck most of the day.
                                                         (The Orion docks in Sydney)
Monday 31st March, 1947:  Got up 6am saw ship enter Sydney Heads.  Docked at 7.30 at Woolloomooloo.  Went home in a car with Auntie Mary & Grandma.
Mum and her brother and little sister ... Three "New Australians".
                                                                  1947                           APRIL
Tuesday, 1st April, 1947:  Went down to the wharf to get the trunks through the customs.  Saw Dr. McNamara again.
Wednesday, 2nd April, 1947:  It rained.  Daddy took us in the car to see the beaches.  Bondi, Clovelly & went right up to S. Head.
Thursday, 3rd April, 1947:  In the afternoon went to the show.  Saw cattle, horses, dogs and prize fruit etc.
Friday, 4th April, 1947:  Went to Bondi.  Daddy took us right in so that the waves came up to our necks.
Saturday, 5th April, 1947:  We went to Neilson Park.  Climbed over the rocks.
Sunday, 6th April, 1947:  Went to Rockdale.  Had Easter egg each.  (Chocolate).
Monday, 7th April, 1947:  Went to Bondi in the morning.  In the afternoon went to Port Hacking & Cronulla.
Tuesday, 8th April, 1947:  Weather sunny.  Did nothing except stayed in the garden.
Wednesday, 9th April, 1947:  Went shopping.  To try to get my birthday present.  Only got a box of sweets from Wendy 7 Peter (1 lb)
Thursday, 10th April, 1947:  My birthday.  Cardigan from granny. Brush and comb from Daddy.  Camera from Mummy.  Sweets from Peter & Wendy.
Friday, 11th April, 1947:  Went round the town, to Lady Macquarie’s Chair and Fort Macquarie.  Took Auntie Mary to the dentist.
Saturday, 12th April, 1947:  Went to Elizabeth Bay to see “Orion” sail.  Bought some cakes for my party.  And also collected my cake.
Sunday, 13th April, 1947:  My party.  Went to National Park for a picnic.  Daddy, mummy, Auntie Mary & Joan, David & twins. Peter & Wendy & me.
One last entry ---
Monday, 14th April, 1947:  Went to town.  Daddy went to catch his train to Bundaberg.  Nothing else happening. 



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