Thursday, 3 May 2012

Forgiving and forgetting

We all long and need to be loved and to give love to others.  Sometimes though it all goes wrong and we are left with disappointment and hurt.  The fairy tale can turn into a reality we did not plan or imagine and all we are left with is shattered dreams and disappointment.

What happens when relationships break down, when love stops, when you have been disappointed by others, when they don’t live up to your hopes and expectations?

Can you find it in you to forgive and forget or do you let life’s disappointment keep on hurting?

In my job, I meet lots of people of all ages, and unfortunately there are some older people that I have learned to try to avoid, they seem to sap my energy.  They are often people who have been hurt at some time in their past, but have never got passed that disappointment.  They can not let it go and so the hurt keeps on damaging them.  Over time they can become bitter and twisted.

There are other older people though that I really enjoy being around.  They are fun.  They often have a deep wisdom, and enjoy contributing to those around them, especially children.  When you talk with these people and get to know them, I have discovered that often they too have had real sorrow, and disappointments to cope with.

What’s the difference?

I think it is because they have learnt to truly forgive.  They have learnt to forgive as God does.  With some people that ability comes because they have known what it is to be forgiven by God.

There is a song that sums it up well, the song is, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, and it says,

“Pardon for sin and peace to endure

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”.

When we receive God’s forgiveness we also receive His blessing and power.  His Holy Spirit works in and with us, transforming us, healing our past, and giving us a bright hope for the future.

God can even help us to be forgiving of others…

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